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The Marriage Hack: Eli Finkel at TEDxUChicago

Eli Finkel is a professor of Psychology at Northwestern University. He earned his BA degree in Psychology from Northwestern (1997) and his MA and PhD degrees…

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Very cool talk. I’ve never been in a relationship but I already know I
don’t wanna marry. The more I watch TED’s take on that, the more certain I

Caveat for the fuckwits, I’m not advocating marriage!

If there’s someone close to a bookstore, and capable of grinding through
self-help books, I would like to see a review of this book. I get the
feeling that this is a gynocentric (chuckles – still not considered a word)
book; that is, helping men deal with wives, rather than teaching women that
husbands aren’t appliances and/or furniture. But I think I’m being biased
(gee, I wonder why). I’d also like to hear an opinion on what financial
demograph the book is aimed at, stable or unstable, I think it’s geared for
stable. Also, this book is apparently professional, so I’d like to see
where his sources are coming from.

marriage is a scam don’t ever get married ever. People gotta understand
alot of people are just trying to keep their jobs. Which consist of trying
to tell people how to live their life’s. MGTOW for life live for yourself
not others

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