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  1. Did you watch ABC’s FRESH OFF THE BOAT? We talk about how we relate to the
    first episode here!

    How else did you relate to the first 2 episodes? 

  2. My senior army instructor asked me if i saw the premiere and if the show
    was as good as it seems and i said “yeah, its great. makes fun of white
    people tho” and i couldnt believe it when he said “ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME”

  3. Honestly I’m really excited about this show because I rarely see Asian
    American tv shows and its cool to see a different perspective. I’m not
    Asian but I’m happy to see you guys getting more face time on television. I
    would love to see more Asians in the music industry as well.

  4. It is a funny show, but I was kind of surprised that they used the word
    “chink” on the second episode. I don’t think I have ever heard the N word
    on primerime. Just thought it was a little shocking even though I was used
    to hear it growing up.

  5. Growing up, people always called me Chinese and “Ching-chong”. And they’d
    make fun of my last name because it looks difficult to pronounce. But one
    thing that I still remember today was back in first or second grade, I
    brought in my noodles that had octopus and it was normal to me, but not
    everyone else, so no one sat by me. When I came home that day, I told my
    mom to never pack Asian food again. 

  6. ABC made such a watered down version from the original book. HBO should
    make a true to book version where Eddie sucks on white girl’s titties,
    sells weed and coke in college, fights all the time and beats ppl up,
    taking kid’s Tag Heuer watch at gun point, steals from best buy, gets
    arrested and thrown in jail, uses car and hit some kid…Eddie Huang is
    thug life in it’s truest form. HBO needs to step up and make a true to book
    version of this show, it’s like Asian Wire

  7. Am I the only one who didn’t find the show to be funny?
    I understand that it is supposed to be easier to relate to for Asian
    Americans, however, in my honest opinion, the way it portrayed certain
    characters and their actions came across as more derogatory than funny.
    (Maybe it seems this way because I am not in the same shoes as some of the
    viewers –but, to me it seemed like the episode that I watched failed to
    convey the idea that the stereotypes and other challenges that Eddie had to
    face were truly societal issues. Rather, it appeared to be condoning those
    stereotypes as okay because it was using them as a device for comedic

  8. I never understood why bringing Asian food was such a big deal to young
    Asian kids. When I as in 4th grade, I got a kick out off grossing the white
    people out with sushi. Didn’t give any fucks then, didn’t give any fucks
    Everyone here keeps talking about Eddie, but I think the most interesting
    characters in the show, are the ones who aren’t trying hard to fit
    in…Emery and Evan!

  9. I get so much shit i can totally relate to that show even though i’m indian
    (technically asian though… haha)
    •I brought in aloo masala to school one time and people started wondering
    what the hell was that smell
    •i’ve been told that i smell too good for an indian…
    •my school is basically 99% white and when the teachers are talking about
    church and going to europe and other shit..
    •Substitute teachers always say my name “Ankitha (An-kee-tha)” so horribly
    off that it’s embarrassing ._.
    •i’ve been asked if i’m a terrorist or muslim(because there are two muslim
    girls in our schools and they are indian causing whites to believe all
    indians look like that)
    •I’ve been asked if i speak indian

    I can go on but the comment would be too long lol

  10. There is this one boy in my class that knows I’m part Filipino, and he
    calls me a white chink because I look white .-. Huffff related to this show
    even tho I grew up in a mexican household lol DEF recommend to everyone and

  11. I still like this show, but after getting over the initial joy of seeing
    some things that actually relate to growing up Asian in the US, I think
    Asian people would be a lot better served by having shows that feature
    people of Asian descent playing parts as regular people. I guess the
    proto-American happy family structure is a good place to start, but I’d
    definitely like to see more realistic roles for Asian people and plotlines
    that go beyond addressing race but rather include the actuality of the
    dynamic for a more truthful or developed plotline. Any way, I’ve been
    thinking about this and thought I’d add to my initial comment because well,
    my feelings have evolved. I still dig it enough to watch the show but after
    a while you can’t help but feel it’s got no meat. I mean really it’s
    “Family Matters” redone with Asian people but with some really smack you in
    the face racial reversals. I don’t know, it tries to turn around what he
    feels White people have done to him and to Asian people and minorities in
    past sitcoms but the way that it’s done is rather crude and obviously
    intentional in a way that’s kinda snide. I can relate to a lot of the
    situations and feelings, I totally can, but come on… where’s the nuance?
    Where’s the subtlety that makes you think instead of thinks it for you?
    It’s just too crude. So now that I’ve got the laugh out, been tickled by
    the initial shock and awe I want more from this show or I’d like to see
    something less contrived and fast. Thanks for keeping up. Peace.

  12. What’s even more difficult being Chinese is being adopted. It was hard to
    find and maintain acceptance with the white kids. I think I also lost a bit
    of my ethnic identity because I didn’t want to be known as that Chinese
    kid. I just wanted to fit in. Now that I am older, I wish I had more of a
    connection with my heritage.

  13. Enjoyed the first 2 episodes last week. Can’t wait to see how the Asians in
    Asia would react to this show. Pretty sure TVB would buy the license to air
    this show for next year in Hong Kong. They’re usually one season behind

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