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  1. +Sofia Napolitano I am not sure why there’s not an option to respond to
    your comment but hopefully this works, I’m not even sure if it linked the
    right Sofia. Of course it is possible and what you had was real. BPDs are
    very good at detaching themselves once they have to. Asking if it’s
    possible for someone with BPD is the same thing as asking if someone with
    anxiety can go to a mall. Its absolutely possible but it is harder for them
    and there are ways to make it easier to cope with. 

  2. I have dated 2 women with BPD. In both, their BPD made them crave romantic
    attention but also be triggered by it. To state the obvious, you do not
    need a romantic relationship to live a happy life. I feel that people with
    BPD should quarantine themselves from romantic relationships until they
    progress in treatment. Otherwise, they are certain to hurt and expect too
    much from their partner.

  3. I would just like to know one question, I have now read thousands of
    articles and watched hundreds of videos, I just want to know what I went
    through for the last 1 1/2 years was it real or fake, did she love me, can
    a person who has BPD Love. because everything I see or read is about how to
    deal with someone, who has BPD or how to heal yourself, I understand all of
    this stuff now, I wish that I had known then, but for a year and a half I
    had a completely insane relationship, but it was also the most amazing
    thing that ever happened to me, the amount of Love that we experienced
    together was incredible. I just want to know, if it was real, can a person
    that has BPD Love. that’s all I want to know.

  4. I GET YOU, I UNDERSTAND! This is the first video of yours I watched and
    it’s awesome and yes, I subscribed! You’re funny and cute as hell and love
    the purple by thge way… 

  5. Thanks for your videos. You are so brave and I applaud your persistence
    despite the ignorance and negativity of some people’s words. While they
    have every right to seemingly remain uneducated by choice (seriously, wtf
    people) and create opinions and stances based upon that lack of
    information, they can go fuck themselves. 🙂

    “Ignorance is the cause of fear.”

  6. Just wanted to note I like your videos. I work in psych rehab and used your
    older video on Splitting in a group class today.

    You can’t overestimate the value of individuals like yourself willing to
    talk about their experiences in recovery from mental health disorders.

  7. i culdnt help but laugh at the squeey toy noise in the background had to
    watch this twice due to the distraction but apriciate learning from a
    fellow BPD

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