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  1. For suck a young soul you are very wise. I agree with EVERYTHING you said.
    I have been with my husband for 17 years and married for 13. (Also high
    school sweethearts). Keeping your relationship YOURS is the best one. Great
    job and thanks for sharing. 

  2. I think you are adorable and I love your videos. I totally agree with most
    of what you say..however I have been with my guy for 10 years now and to be
    sweet and to do sweet little things for each other are important. I think
    that it is really how you work thru the hard times that is how you survive
    as a couple. It can be very stressful sharing your life with another and
    with kids and work and life it can be very overwhelming. I have separated
    with my guy for a few months once and really it only caused us to be
    stronger now. Trying to be that cute couple when so many other things come
    first is very difficult, especially when you have a family but I think
    communication and willing to work thru things is the best thing for a
    relationship. You are on point. I wish you all the luck. you Deserve it. ♥

  3. Gosh I think you are my long lost best friend. You sound so much like me.
    haha. All my friends are guys cause girls are dramatic! Boys are so chill
    and just go with it.

  4. I think it is great that you are very open about being a Christian! I am
    very surprised that you are living with your boyfriend before marriage,
    though. Also, about the never talking bad about one another thing.. I
    agree.. but I’m really close to my mom and sometimes if I have an argument
    with my husband and I need to vent or get some advice on how to solve the
    problem/fix things I turn to her. I think that it is good to have someone
    whom you can trust and confide in during rough times like those..
    especially someone who has been there before and wants to help you!

  5. In my opinion, I honestly think you really can never know why a
    relationship works, it just simply does because God is allowing those doors
    to open and you decide whether or not to open them.

  6. These were all so great and definitely what me and my love of a year and 7
    months go by! 🙂 another tip I would add for those reading this is to
    COMMUNICATE with your partner! Don’t let that sun go down while you have
    bitter thoughts towards them. Always work through your problems before the
    day is done. There’s no need to drag things on for them to get worse.
    Thanks for the reminders Kathryn!

  7. A lot of Knowledge from a 20 year old. You make great points! I hope you
    and Hayden many many years of happiness! I just happened on your vlog and
    you definately have a new subscriber!!

  8. I’ve heard A L O T of marriage couples talk and give me advice and you hit
    all of them. Thanks for the reminder and the bests of tips I’ve seen or
    heard in social media now-a-days! ❤️

  9. I love this video thank you for making it! Can you please reply to this if
    you have an answer, let’s say he have you reasons not to trust but you two
    have worked through it, and you don’t trust him fully, should I try? But
    what if he does it again and doesn’t ever tell me? Been together 3 years

  10. Omg the facebook comment is soo true!! Like I have been in our relationship
    for 3 yrs but ever since we told our friends that our relationship is our
    and not there (with respect of course) everything has gone soo well! We
    started dating in my freshmen yrs in college and his senior yr ( we are the
    same age but just got held an ur back for moving states) and well I just
    look back and realize how much we have gone in just 3 yrs. We went from
    being teenager to actually already being starting our life careers ♥

  11. I really like these tips, and very strongly agree that we shouldn’t bash
    our loved one on public sites or to other people it deff creates hate in
    other peoples eyes for him or her

  12. So I completely agree with the fact it is important to keep your
    relationship private. That way your not basing your decisions off any ones
    opinions. But from my experience it’s harder than it seems. When did you
    feel as a person you no longer needed (if ever) approval. Relationships
    seem so hard to maintain. I would love to know that one day I was
    comfortable enough to be secure in my own decision. Do you think that comes
    from you as a person or when your more comfortable with said relationship..

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